develop and manage with the agile brand and product model

The agile brand and product model inlike developed by us picks up communicative and interactive forms of evaluation and expression of digital target groups in a special way. The agile brand and product model is based on the following newly developed dimensions:
  • Like dimension,
  • Relevance dimension,
  • Stimulation dimension and the parameter of 100% purchase probability.
Like Dimension and purchase probability enable a quick and realistic picture that illuminates the essential position of brand and product – also in the competitive environment. We would be pleased to present the agile brand and product model to you personally.   Examples of our work in brand and product development:
  • New name for Aktion Sorgenkind: Name development of Aktion Mensch (as an employee of Aktion Mensch).
  • Product names for Aktion Mensch lottery: SUPERLOS, XTRA-SUPERLOS und 5 STERNE-LOS.
  • Internet domains: More than 100 national und international Internet domains.
  • Brands: More than 100 national and international trademarks and product names.
  • Brand and product name samble.
  • Trademark and product name Q-LOTTS und XOOGLE.