The innovation problem: Almost 90% of all newly developed service products fail (according to Gardner Group, 2015) just a few months after product launch.

To avoid such developments as far as possible, we have developed PEP, the modular product development process. PEP enables a largely secured and successful market launch of new and/or modified products.

For lottery products PEP consists of 10 modules:

  • Game system
  • Product range
  • Price model
  • Revenue model
  • Lottery and product brands
  • Lottery claims
  • Positioning in the competitive environment
  • Risk assessment
  • Product design
  • Communication campaign

Each PEP module is divided into five phases: Idea generation, idea selection, conception, development and realization.

With PEP we have developed ausnahmsLOS, XOOGLE, the Christmas lottery and samble. We would be pleased to inform you personally about these products.