It is now possible for large foundations and funding organisations that administer large amounts of funding on a fiduciary basis and support numerous funding projects on the basis of a differentiated funding procedure to digitise their entire funding management in an audit-proof manner.

Which functional areas are supported by the digital funding software in the context of funding management?

  • Funding finder: Clear presentation of all funding offers.
  • Entry: Precisely fitting digital application forms.
  • Examination, assessment, decision in the approval procedure.
  • Session app for committee work.
  • Configurable call for funds and proof of use.
  • Communication control.
  • Notes like in an analog file.
  • Digital file for a complete overview of all activities.
  • Statistical data are available in a differentiated form at any time.
  • Funding map shows the funding commitment on site.
  • Roles & rights design the areas of work and responsibility of all actors involved in the funding management.
  • Interfaces link existing document management systems and financial accounting systems.
  • Guaranteed audit-proof.
  • Complies with the requirements of the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO).

Optional features: Of course, further special functions of foundations and funding organisations can be integrated into the funding software.

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